The constructor is the first massive wooden constructor in Russia.

It is:

  • Smart - forces children to think, experiment, open up new opportunities, take engineering theories for a real test drive
  • Easy - minimalistic form fosters children’s imagination
  • Organic - made of natural beech wood
  • Durable - serve more than one generation, it’s difficult to loose parts of it

Five why’s

* Why is it so big?
The scale allows you to build structures and play inside of them. For example, sleeping in the house, sitting behind the wheel of an airplane, raising a boat flag, swinging or standing on a bridge. The size of the sticks varies depending on the type of the package(min 16cm, max 123 cm).
* Why is it not varicolored?
The noble beech color won’t distract children, won’t take over the main purpose and function. Thanks to its modest color even teenagers find this constructor interesting to play with. In that way from the not so bright and colorful constructor the most bright and colorful peaces and projects are created.
* Why don’t you provide the instruction?
Instructions tend to limit child’s imagination and her or his desire for experimenting. Believe it and you will see, the child will find a way and will construct what he or she wants, even if it sounds impossible. If the child experience difficulty coming up with any ideas our model suggestions will help. They will be a perfect support for your child’s future building experiments.
* Why is it better than Lego?
“Smiva” is not better or worse than LEGO. It’s simply DIFFERENT. It has another constructing principles which helps children to develop different skills. It provides different engineering opportunities and different playing scenarios.

Why this price?
  • There are a couple of reasons for that:

  • scale: the constructor is big and it needs a lot of material to produce it. That can be comparable with 30 ordinary wooden constructors.
  • material: we use organic materials - beech wood. It suits much better due to the exceptional beech wood characteristics for producing children’s toys. It’s really comfortable when you touch it.
  • 100% Russian production. We order neither production or material from China.